New Chicago Area workshop at Ingrid Albrecht's Studio, Chicago Illinois. April 4 thru 6, 2019

Contact Info: Ingrid Albrecht 312 320 0833 773 728 8715

Watercolor with an Eye for Design-Emphasizing Color and Shape.

This workshop is focused on "Design" of a painting. Design is not an esoteric subject. In our everyday life we probably use it in many ways without even knowing it like arranging furniture at our home, how we dress, how and where we put our groceries, how we arrange our kitchen tools and equipment and how we structure our lives . It's a way of creating order out of chaos. A painting is a visual order and we create beauty . A beautiful painting is not accidental. It's a deliberate process. There are tangible ingredients -interesting colors, shapes, spatial relationship, light, texture, line. Intangibles are feelings and personal expressiveness. In this workshop we will deal with the tangibles -the mechanics of a painting. The idea is not just to make a pretty picture like a picture postcard, but to understand the creative process. It's a paradigm shift for learners with various levels of experience! We wil explore some of the tangibles through daily demonstrations and discussions.

• Shapes and their relationships and placement on paper (spatial
relationship) .Learn how to use drawings and photographs in a creative way
and not be a slave of a photograph.

• Explore lights and darks (values). Know the difference between "Nature's
Light" and "Artist's Light". Artist's light is conceptual and creative. Nature's light
is perceptual and lacks imagination.

• Explore color in design. Learn how a color dominance (warm or cool) can
achieve unity in a painting. Explore tertiary colors and their effects in painting.

• Add Verve to your painting by movement, flatness, calligraphy and bold

What to expect from instructor

1.Discussion and demonstration every day with audio visual aid and illustrations.

2. Guidance to students during hands-on painting. Students will have about 50%
time for painting.

3. A critique session.

4. Painting subjects will be from objective world in a personal way. This will be
primarily landscape-not figures, portraits, pets or animals.

What to expect from students

1. Home assignments- Will be given ahead of time (about 2 weeks). Guidance
will be included. 1/4 sheet studies of values and colors.

2. Reading- Rex Brandt, Robert Henri, "California Style" by Gordon McLelland,
"Watercolor With an Eye for Design" by Ratindra Das (Optional)

3. Sketches, drawings and a few (no more than 10) photographs to paint from.

4. Enthusiasm.


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